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Make your clients’ dreams tangible.

As a real estate agent, you play an integral part in someone’s life. When individuals come to you to buy real estate, they have made a significant life decision.

It is therefore extremely important to demonstrate trust, empathy and prestige to your clients. Why not make the steps of buying a home memorable, by giving your buyers or sellers something tangible at the beginning of their journey?

Hand your customers the key in an authentic way with a well-designed box containing all the necessary paperwork neatly together in your own corporate identity:

  • a personalised box
  • specifications,
  • rental or purchase agreements,
  • cost calculations,
  • the sellers contract
  • house plans

We take your brand to the next level

Handy Box

How nice would it be to offer your customers something that is not only unique, but long lasting? For example, a personalised box in which your customers can store all their documents related to their new home. Or a ‘Congratulatory Box’ to celebrate your customers latest purchase? Surprise them with a bottle of bubbles and the keys to their new home or building presented in creative packaging.

Neatly bound documents

As a real estate agent, you have to deal with a lot of documents. If you want potential customers to remember you without having to search their emails and ensure that documents, that really matter, are professionally bound so your customers can revert back to them with ease. We have a wide selection of binding covers that can be used. Discover even more covers and inspiration from our webshop.

Photo Books

The photo book is the most beautiful business card. We create the A3 landscape book including the internal contents in your corporate identity. Thanks to our lay-flat paper technology, the photo book contents lay perfectly flat, allowing that beautiful villa photo to flow over two pages. Give us the content and we’ll take care of everything from A to Z. Our smaller size is also highly recommended. Present all your projects, buildings and your portfolio in a refined way. Complete in your corporate identity. Would you like to view our entire range of photo books? Feel free to take a look at our webshop.


As a real estate agency you often have an announcement or have to do open viewings of houses. Do you have a top property that you want to put in the spotlight? Perhaps even an internal notice like showing off the employee of the month? We have a lot of photo solutions in our range that can help you. Be sure to take a look at our webshop.


If you want to pull out all the stops, our VideoBook is the perfect solution. Easily load a video to show off all your available properties to your prospects in your corporate branding made to your requirements of colour, style and text. A range of different possibilities and formats are available.

Binding Machines

We can do the binding of photobooks, brochures, however we also have a wide range of binding machines to allow you to do this in house. Please feel free to contact us for more information. Our range of machines can be found here. In combination with our Lay-Flat Paper you always get the best result, perfectly flat documents!

Infinity Lay-Flat Photobook

The Infinity Lay-Flat Photobook is a new and unique product in the world of photography. With this user friendly technology you create a fantastic user experience in no time! Photos can be printed continuously over 2 pages, with no crack or visible crease in the separation line.

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