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Some moments are priceless. Peleman not only makes them profitable,
but above all tangible and unforgettable.

Documents that count

Financial statements. Mortgages. Insurance policies. Customers often refer to financial products as boring, unclear and a necessary evil. But why would you let your customers settle for a contract full of numbers, difficult words and fine print in a soulless brown envelope, when you can give them a unique, almost magical overall experience, carefully crafted down to the smallest detail?

Some moments are priceless. Peleman not only makes them profitable, but above all tangible and unforgettable.

Customers who come to you are often making big decisions – maybe they are a young couple who want to buy a house and have come to borrow money. So why not make this a joyous occasion for them? Send them home with a neatly bound mortgage agreement bound inside a personalised folder. Or surprise shareholders with an annual report in the form of a Video Book.

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Peleman helps you to say a lot with few words

Personalised Hard Covers

Impress your most important target groups by binding documents with a luxurious printed Hard Cover. These are available in different sizes, colours and materials.

Soft Covers with window

This high-quality Soft Cover is easy to personalise with your logo or the name of the person for whom the document is intended. It’s therefore an ideal way to provide named contracts with class. These Soft Covers are also available with a cut-out window and in various colours.

Gift boxes

Welcoming a new customer or employee. Attracting investors. Impressing your shareholders. Whatever the occasion, these durable boxes combine useful information, such as important contacts, contracts and frequently asked questions, with practical gadgets.

Stylish info stands

Display your important information clearly and neatly in these handy Acrylic Panels. The magnetic closure keeps the A4 or A5 print neatly in place and makes it easy to replace.

Video Books

Images say so much more than words. Including in your sector. So why not give your stakeholders a Video Book containing the annual report in the form of an animated infographic? Or welcome new customers with a personal video message? Everything is possible. Anything goes.

Certificate holders

Got a special document? If so, why not present it in this certificate holder with your own logo or a text and image of your choice? For a luxury finish, a cover made of real leather is an option.

Binding machines

Need to bind contracts or financial statements? You can do it yourself with our wide range of binding machines and accessories.

Need more inspiration?

Are you looking for all-in solutions that will generate more attention, interest, leads and therefore business? If so, give us a call. Lightening your workload is what makes us happy.

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