Great experience becomes standard.

Great experience becomes standard

Whether they’re dining out, ordering an aperitif in a hip cocktail bar, checking into a charming B&B or going on a luxurious cruise, guests increasingly need a personal approach. They want have a valuable memory of their experience. Making this an extremely important component.

Give your guests an unforgettable experience.

As a catering operator, you know that this experience is hidden in the smallest details. Align the expectations of your guests, your location, interior, menu and atmosphere. The overall picture has to be right. Guests need to be emotionally moved.

Experience is what the guests fall in love with, which lingers for a long time. Need help coming up with the perfect experience recipe? Let the oven heat up and prepare the food, because here we go…


Get inspired for your restaurant

Menu– and Wine List

Nothing screams class like a customer getting their hands on a beautiful menu. A good reception elevates the experience. We would like to introduce you to an extensive range of covers, magnetic boards, certificate holders and acrylic panels. Tip: We personalise in your corporate identity.

Let your tables shine!

A beautifully set table creates the tone of the evening and contributes to a significant experience for your guests. Just think of a reservation sign, classy desk pads or coasters for the glasses in your style. It’s all in the details.

The bill please

The experience you want to portray to your customers is best continued until the end. So why not make paying the bill a pleasant one too. Have you ever thought of a bamboo box?

What should not be missing in the hotel room

Information for your guests

When is breakfast served? Is there room service? What attractions are nearby? What wellness treatments are there? How can I call the reception? Collect all relevant information in a clear and elegant way with a personalised welcome folder located in each room.

Welcome Box

Treat your guests to an inviting Welcome Box, this is great for special occasion bookings such as weddings or anniversaries.

For the minibar

Every guest opens the minibar to see what is in it. Clearly indicate which miniature bottles of alcohol, snacks and soft drinks are available along with their prices. This will avoid hangovers and discussions afterwards. Acrylic Panels give you the opportunity to regularly change content with the easy-to-open magnetic closure.

For the desk

Provide a suede, kashmir or leather pad on any desk. With its elegant look, it adds to the style of the room. You also prevent pen indentations on the desk top and it is an ideal mouse pad.

Door Decorations

Hey, there it is! You want to hear that from the mouths of your guests. From the moment they enter until they leave. Ask for our durable and contemporary (door) signage. Available in a range of colours and personalisation options.

Seminars, parties and events

At Peleman, we attach great importance to personalisation.  We enjoy responding to trends with a wide range of tangible products that provide an elevated customer experience and encourage well presented messages. A personalised folder, a notebook, a certificate holder or even a video module. You name it, we create it.

For your own presentation

Presentation is everything if you want to market your business. We have a wide range of document presentation solutions for you to offer quotes, conference attendee lists and room offerings in a qualitative way.

Videobooks & -modules

Video is gaining popularity in banquet halls, restaurants and hotels. Allowing you to put your business in the spotlight our video modules are a real winner.

Show up at parties and events

Surprise your guests or customers with a gift or gadgets, complete in your corporate style. We bet they won’t forget this!

Inspiration for meetings and seminars

As a venue for meetings, seminars and conferences, you offer more than a table with a projector against a white wall. It is always good to sharpen the concentration, stimulate the inspiration and increase the experience. We are happy to help you with customisable notebooks, portfolios, ring binders, certificate holders and desk pads.

Show your guests around

99% of the time, you can assume that you know your hotel or restaurant better than your guests. Therefore, try to guide them as much as possible. Peleman would like to guide you through a wide range of, at times, small things that give your guests confidence that you have thought of every detail.


These cardboard displays with base are innovative in their simplicity. Personalise a message, signage, menu or price list in the corporate identity of your hotel, restaurant or event location. Stick the A4 or A5 print on the front of the Peel & Stick panel. Standing or laying down? The choice is yours.

Peel & stick Bamboo Photo Panels

Peleman introduces a sustainable line of bamboo photo panels that give a trendy touch to any interior. Our panels serve perfectly as a signalling tool. If you have information that is long-lasting, our peel & stick system is ideal: you place your personalised messages directly on the bamboo surface.

Acrylic Bamboo photo panel

If you have information that changes regularly but still want to radiate class, then our photo panel with magnetic closure are the perfect solution: Easily replace the personalised message under the transparent acrylic panel via the subtle magnetic closure on the sides.

Acrylic Panels

Announcements, activities, menus etc are ever changing. Our Acrylic Panels are the perfect solution as they open easily allowing you to modify the content in a snap.

Print-In Signage

Our Print-In technique allows you to use very strong images both indoors and outdoors. They are scratch-free and UV-resistant, ideal for at the pool or in the car park.

Need more inspiration?

Does this appeal to your imagination and you want to work on bringing your vision to life? Let us elevate the guests experience at your bar, restaurant, hotel or B&B. Want to deliver an experience but don’t have the equipment, knowledge or time for it? Then we say: “Welcome”! We are happy to take these matters off of your hands with our A to Z service.

Would you like to take a look at our offering in your own time?

This is a limited selection from the Peleman range. Do you want to see more? Download the catalogue in one click and get to know all of our products or take a look at our webshop. Do you want to touch and feel the products? Then be sure to request a sample pack.