Funeral sector

People hold on to the ones they love.

In the funeral sector it immediately becomes clear how fragile life is. More than ever, a personal touch or a human approach is very important. You, as an undertaker are the MOST important partner in the process of saying goodbye. And while mourning, before, during or after a funeral, people like to hold on to something tangible. Like a personalised farewell book, a memory book with pictures, a photo panel, a funeral registry, photos and messages on the tombstone.

We are sure we can unburden you, so you can unburden your customer

We offer you high level solutions of tools and machines. But our service goes beyond that. We will unburden you and carry out your brand. We take care of the personalization of boxes, books, panels, packaging,….

An a to z service to which every member of the family or close friends can refer to over and over again. And cherish forever.

Blank funeral frame, candle and flowers on table against black background

Peleman helps YOU to carry out your brand with a human touch

Memory Box

Peleman’s personalised memory boxes offer a tangible feeling to family and friends. As a funeral home you can hand it over to the relatives, containing the photo panel, jewelry, belongings, the registry, condolence cards….

Bamboo Box

A memory box with a soft bamboo touch is the perfect solution to keep a loved one close in a dignified way.

Memory Books

Our hard or soft covers are ideal for condolence books, memory books, funeral registries, Service texts and so on.

Photo Panels

Peleman’s wide range of panels may be put next to the funeral registry, the urn or on the coffin.

Funeral Service Videobook

Pelemans Videobook is a perfect solution for family members who weren’t been able to attend the service. Or to present photos and sound extracts.

Print-In Name Plate

The plates can be used for gravestones, columbarium and coffins. The print-in technique is a unique process to print name plates or photos on metal. The ink actually becomes part of the plate itself. That makes them weatherproof, UV-resistant and scratch-free.

Carrier Bags

You can personalise carrier bags which fit the memory boxes perfectly

Print-in Press

To print a picture on aluminium or copper Peleman offers an easy to handle printing device.

Binding Machine

The binding can be done with one of the matching binding machines.

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